1. Overview

N.B.: The BTC license number can only be activated on one device. If you purchase one of Vorona services, all of the other services (Vorona Map, Vorona Dji, ...) are free. 

1.1. Features

1.2. Disclaimer

You agree that you are using the Vorona software solely at your risk 

1.3. Buy digital currency (BTC)

Learning how to use Bitcoin is just like any other technology. This will require you to get familiar with how things function.
1. Find a Bitcoin exchange
2. Buy bitcoins by exchanging your local currency, like the U.S. Dollar or Euro, for bitcoin
3. Transfer the Bitcoins to your wallet
4. Coinbase is a good place to start when buying bitcoins https://www.coinbase.com/ 

2. Drone setup and piloting

2.1. Drone offline mode


2.1.1. Drone setup

Piloting Setup (Joypad)

Setup to map Bluetooth controller buttons 

2.2. Drone online mode and piloting

A. Top bar

1. Fly home. Example [H->40 175m/25"]: direction home ->, rotation angle 40 degrees, distance 175m and flying time=25sec (if drone speed=0 then default speed=5m/s)
2. Flight counter. (activates upon takeoff and deactivates on landing)
3. Menu

A3. Menu

A3.1. Flight settings

Set the flight parameters:

B. Top buttons

1. Take off
2. Home(if take_off&gps)
3. Picture
4. Video
5. AirPhoto(if take_off&gps)
6. Map mode 

C. Centre Camera panning and gyroscope horizon

D. Bottom joysticks

1. Yaw (x:rotate, y:up/down)
2. Roll (x:left/right, y:forward/backward) 

E. Compass slide bar

F. Bottom bar

1. ALT-Altitude
2. SP-speed
3. Battery status: BB-Bebop, SC-Skycontroller (red warning if less than 15%)
4. WiFi signal strength (red warning if less than 15%)
5. Drone GPS status  

3. Map and AirPhoto functions

Map and AirPhoto service cost(10.00 EUR). In-app purchase with 10 days free trial. Buy with BTC – there’s a transaction fee of 10.00 EUR. If you buy with BTC, the service will be provided free of charge for 10 days. If you purchase one of Vorona services, all of the other services (Vorona Map, Vorona Dji, ...) are free. Vorona Map downloading from Google Play (search: Vorona map). If you dont have BTC, then Vorona Map you can buy in Google Play Store.  

3.1. Map functions without Drone connection

NB! Press device Back button to go to Drone HUD 

A. Top bar

1. GPS: last Drone coordinates (red drone icon on the map)
2. Map menu 

A2. Map menu

B. AirPhoto editor (on/off)

3.2. Map functions with Drone connection


Buttons: AirPhoto snapshot(online loading)
On map: drone(red-icon), device(blue dot), home(green dot) 

3.3. Making AirPhoto

On map are visible drone(red), device(blue), home(green)

Airphoto iteration setup

Aerofoto iteration setup 

3.4. Arcive and map cashe

3.5. Aerofoto import

Import AirPhotos (jpg, png) 

Aerofoto edit

4. Release notes & Privacy


Support email:  

The document was last modified 21.02.2017
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