1. Keywords and features

N.B.: (B) Options indicated will only be available after the paid upgrade

Shared MapImages Web interface: http://androt.xyz/voronamap/kmz
Ask for more information support@androt.xyz
Downloading from Google Play (search: Vorona map)


2. Main buttons

Buttons appear when you touch the screen and disappear again after 3 seconds.

(B) Launch GPS measurements 



(B) Launch MapImages Editor



Main Menu

N.B.: You can only work with one option at a time (either GPS measurements or MapImages Editor).

2.1. Main Menu




Main Menu 




2.1.1. Search

Address, place name, etc. - you can look for addresses, places, my points, shared points, shared MapImages, etc.  To search, enter at least 4 characters of a place name or address, and choose from the list. If necessary, change the zoom level of the map

Demo1 Reunion

(B) Show my shared points – displays your shared points on the map. Shared points are represented by this icon (red, green, blue), time and memo. Shared points are visible for 10 days.

Clear - removes all temporary objects from the map (it does not delete objects)

2.1.2. Position

2.1.3. Preferences

2.1.4. Info (Vorona Map version)

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2.2. GPS & measurement




to launch GPS measurement and click 


to end it

1. Center the map on your GPS location, 2. Save GPS route

1. Center the map on your GPS location, 2. Put measurement on hold, 3. Manually add a new GPS point, 4. Delete the last point 

1. Center the map on your GPS location, 2. Continue measuring, 3. Finish measuring and save/delete data 

2.2.1. GPS settings

2.2.2. (B) GPS measuring

Launch GPS measurement. When using automatic area measurement mode, make sure that corner points are added. You can add GPS point manually by clicking the [+] button. To delete the last point, press [-] button. During measurements, you can take a break and continue with it later. You can take a break if you need to stop measurement or do other things: call, etc. You cannot change settings (frequency, allowed min distance and allowed accuracy) during the measurement. You can switch from manual or automatic mode to combined measuring. The measurement data is saved to the Measurements layer. You can delete the entire layer (in the main menu: info: delete: Measurements) or one item at a time. To delete one item, press the icon on the surface, and then delete it. You can export measurement data to a file(xyz.androt.vorona/export/kml) and it can later be opened (Menu: Info: Import)


2.2.3. (B) Manual measuring

1. Center the map on your GPS location, 2. Put measurement on hold, 3. Delete the last point and


add a new one 

1. Continue measuring, 2. Finish measuring and save/delete data

For manual measuring, you have to set up Preferences: Manual mode. Add a point to move the map and click on the button 

 If the point added is in the wrong place, click the delete button [-]. To finish the measurement, click pause, then finish and save/delete data


2.3. MapImages editor


Turn editor off



Click on the image:




Search shared maps: Demo2 Grekio

Search shared maps: Demo3 Piramido


3. Map Menu

Map menu opens after pressing and holding the map for 3 seconds

New point

4. Map functions

Buttons appear after pressing and holding the screen and disappear again after 3 seconds.

5. Data and paths

Files path: xyz.androt.vorona/map

Data groups:

Search shared maps: Demo1 Reunion, Demo2 Grekio, Demo3 Piramido

6. Shared MapImages Web interface



7. Release Notes & Privacy


Support email: 

The document was last modified 11.12.2017
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